Rouler is a bike shop and coffee shop in New Orleans, Louisiana. The challenge was to refresh and expand it's identity to incorporate a hotel and restaurant to create an experience that allows visitors to experience true New Orleans culture.


The solution was to avoid emulating New Orleans and rather to create a tool that facilitated an authentic experience. Rouler exists to transform tourists into locals; the crest was designed in order to create a sense of belonging in guests; they are not just tourists but instead members of "Roulandria". The racing stripes become synonymous with the brand and the idea of exploration.


The crest is made of three segments which each represent a different space within the identity. This system creates three versions of the mark which identify the three different sub-brands.

Expanding on the origin in French cycling culture, the coffee shop is named Brevet which is a French term for a type of bike race. As the brand shifts into Brevet it becomes more causal and light. The logo is simplified to a clean sans-serif, and white and blue do the heavy lifting. The desired tone for the coffee shop is fresh and bright, a desirable start to your day's exploration of the city.


The restaurant became Cadence. Which is a French term for the rhythm of pedaling. The tone shifts a tad formal here, using black and purple to create a more refined space.


Throughout this project I wanted to explore the idea of a brand with one voice utilizing different tones. The brand overall remains cohesive, but there are different ways to experience the brand depending on where you are in the space.